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Currently, we have a Cessna 172 and a Cessna 152 available for touring and  training.  In the near future, we will have a variety of interesting aircraft, including a Cessna 310 (twin-engine) under our club. Club members can enjoy a greater range of experience flying different types of aircraft. Our rates are also competitive with all other aviation organizations in Malaysia.


Cessna 172

Our Cessna 172, affectionately known as "Ada" is our touring/training aircraft. With a roomy cabin and luxurious leather seat, she is a favorite amongst club members. She is also equipped with a Garmin GPS and a Cessna autopilot, making cross-country flights enjoyable and comfortable.

Click on thumbnails below to see a larger picture:

Registration: 9M-ADA  
Performance: Engine: Avco Lycoming O-320-D2J 160 bhp
  Cruise speed: 120 kts (222km/h)
  Max. cruise speed: 123 kts (227km/h)
  Service ceiling: 13,000 ft (3962m)
  Max. range: 440nm (814km)
  Seats: 4 persons  
Rates (Member) : Solo (PIC) Dual (with an instructor)
  RM510 RM610
Rates (Non-member) : RM540 RM640
Note: For an approximate guide to currency conversion; visit this link.

Cessna 152 II

The club's Cessna 152 II, "Alb" is our primary training aircraft for new pilots. With economical rates, a full panel and also equipped with a Garmin GPS it is ideally suited for your Private Pilot License (PPL) training as well as cross country flying. She is forgiving enough for a beginning student, and will provide advanced students sufficient challenges to learn good airmanship.

Registration: 9M-ALB  
Performance: Engine: Avco Lycoming O-235-L2C 150 bhp
Cruise speed: 109 kts (201km/h)
Max. cruise speed: 110 kts (203)km/h)
Service ceiling 14,000 ft (4267m)
Max. range: 300 nm (555km)
Seats: 2 persons
Rates (Member) : Solo (PIC) Dual (with an instructor)
RM460 RM560
Rates (Non-member) : RM490 RM590
Note: For an approximate guide to currency conversion; visit this link.

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